Market Research

Market Research

Meraki Corporate Solutions – Mcorps Services Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with Market Pulse for all research projects and never compromise on data integrity, process transparency, highest standards of client service and innovation in research offerings.

Services Offered:

Customized Retail Performance Research

We offer a wide range of research services in this domain, which are as follows:

Market Pulse has developed a proprietary web technology product to showcase research results obtained from mystery shopper programmes. This was shortlisted as one of the top 3 research technologies by an eminent jury constituted by Market Research Society of India in collaboration with Datamatics.

Business Research

We offer research-based business advisory services particularly to those organizations that are planning to either diversify or enter the market. Wehelp organizations to develop an optimum business strategy for the Indian market.

Shoppers Research

We are building and a maintaining focused consumer panels for lifestyle products. A hybrid methodology spanning in-person selection and interviewing, telephonic and online purchase data collection has emerged as the most effective way to identify trends accurately.

We are now deploying mobile apps to engage with consumers and conduct research in an unobtrusive manner. Research is being conducted for apparel brands, fashion accessories, retail chains, footwear, cosmetics and fitness products. Research topics that are being probed continuously are mentioned below.

Tech Enabled Research & Analytics (TERA) Service Boquete:

01 Cutting Edge Consumer Insights

Cutting Edge Consumer Insights - Case Studies

02 Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics - Case Studies

03 Social Media Listening

Market Pulse clientele across sectors